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What Is a Short Sale?

What Are The Benefits in Maryland? 


A Short Sale is an alternative to foreclosure that occurs when a property owner owes more to the mortgage company than they can sell the property for in the open market. Often times these homeowners are facing personal hardship that results in the inability to pay the mortgage or associated costs that come with home ownership. The mortgage company agrees to allow an underwater borrower to sell for less than is owed as an alternative to the expensive legal process of foreclosing on the home.

A Short Sale is often the best alternative when a homeowner has an underwater mortgage and can no longer afford to make mortgage payments.

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SHORT SALE FAQ We know the short sale process can be stressful and confusing. Here are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

A short sale is an alternative to foreclosure that results when the sale of real estate cannot cover the total mortgage and lien obligations on a property. The lender agrees to allow a borrower to sell for less than is owed as an alternative to foreclosing on the property. The lender as incentive to allow you to short sell your home  to avoid the costly legal process of foreclosure, to limit the bad press of foreclosing on a proactive distressed homeowner and to not have to go through the process maintaining and selling the home themselves oftentimes months and years after foreclosure.

There are many factors that enter the equation.  Much depends on the lender, type of mortgage, hardship, time to acquire an acceptable offer, and experience of the real estate professionals involved. Generally short sales take between 90 and 180 days.  As part of the initial consultation we will discuss these variables and attempt to establish a timeline and uncover potential roadblocks so they can be addressed before they derail your short sale. This is the power of working with an experienced Short Sale Realtor like us!

The best way to describe the short sale process is to compare it to obtaining a mortgage.  You will provide much of the same documentation you did when applying for a mortgage, except in this scenario the purpose is to prove to the lender that you cannot afford to keep the home. The actual sale of the home is nearly identical to a typical real estate transaction.  As we exclusively assist only distressed homeowners in MD with short sales we have customized our systems and processes to provide the best chance of success to our deserving clients.

In practice, the ability to just “hand over the keys” is a myth. The technical term for this is “Deed-in-Lieu”. In the eyes of other credit entities this is considered a “soft foreclosure”. Often times to even be allowed to “hand over the keys” you must attempt a short sale and go through many of the same steps, not once, but twice. Walking away is also not an option as it allows the lender to foreclose while pursuing you for the difference. Just “walking away” results in a collection agency knocking at your door in the coming months and years as they ruthlessly attempt to collect on the loss generated by the foreclosure.

Every landlord has different approval criteria when dealing with renters. As a rule of thumb as long as you can prove you can afford the rent and you have not had any recent judgments as a result of not paying rent in the past there will be a landlord ready to support you in your transition. 

No. Realtor commissions are paid by your mortgage lender. As you search for a Realtor make sure you ask if there are fees associated with their brokerage and/or  short sale negotiators that you will have to pay out of pocket at closing. We hope your search ends here!

WHAT HARDSHIPS QUALIFY FOR A SHORT SALE IN MARYLAND? There are several ways to prove to your lender that you qualify for a short sale. In most cases it is necessary to prove a hardship. To follow are just a few scenarios that mortgage servicers will view as an acceptable short sale hardship.

There are programs available depending on the type of loan you have should you meet the following criteria: You are 90 days or more delinquent and have a FICO score that is less than 620. Should you meet these standards you will be considered to have a pre-determined hardship. Your lender does not need to further qualify the hardship to approve a short sale if this criteria is met.

One of the most common causes of short sale hardship occurs when a married couple decides to get a divorce and neither party can afford the mortgage on their own. Often times a divorce decree will state that the party that continues to reside in the home must sell or refinance by a certain date in order to remove the other party from the loan. In cases of divorce and underwater mortgages short sale is a viable option.

This hardship occurs when there is a long term reduction of income. Company salary reductions, loss of consistent overtime, unemployment, and a personal business failure are all typical causes of mortgage delinquency that lenders will consider a hardship when qualifying you for a short sale.

In this hardship an employer may need you to move to an area too far to keep your home. The additional housing expenses make it impossible to maintain payments on your mortgage. In the case of military transfers or permanent change of station orders (PCS) most lenders will consider this to be an automatic hardship.

This hardship is caused by the illness or death of someone responsible for the mortgage. In cases when there is only one person on the mortgage the estate must sell the property as part of the liquidation plan.

Payment Adjustment due to interest, escrow, or association increases. Cannot Sell or Rent due to incurable property conditions. Home equity line of credit (HELOC) interest only period expiring. Selling underwater property during bankruptcy. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation as every struggling homeowners situation is different. Want to see if you qualify for a Short Sale?

Do I Qualify?


WATCH: Reality of the Struggling Homeowner Each month thousands of Maryland Homeowners face the stressful reality of pending Foreclosure. Act now before it is too late.

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